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Professional Hockey Goalie

As a professional athlete, we are required to play at the top of our game. After coming off an injury last season I didn't feel like I came back 100% which led to changes being made with my offseason training. Erin has years of experience as a professional athlete and as a trainer. 3 months into my season training with Erin I can see a huge

difference on and off the ice compared to last summer. I feel I am in the best shape ever before heading into training camp. Erin is the most dedicated trainer I've ever worked with. She gets the most out of all the athletes she works with by pushing us every time we step foot in the gym for workouts.She has detailed every workout we have done in different phases starting with corrective movements which are much needed after a long season. I am happy to continue working with Erin for many off-seasons to come. If you are an athlete I highly recommend reaching out to Erin and EB Athletics!



Western Carolina University Soccer

Erin helped me improve my agility, speed and strength so much. I ended up having my all time best fitness test times when I reported for preseason training after training with her for the summer. I definitely recommend!



Father of EBA Athlete, CRAWFORD RAMSEY

Working with Erin has been a great experience for Crawford. She has helped her maintain joint health while drastically improving her basketball strength. Erin has also been integral in helping Crawford with her mental approach to workouts and games. I highly recommend working with Erin.



Mother of Hockey Player, EMMA HEINRICH

This woman is an amazing inspiration. She worked with Emma and her hockey team for the past two seasons and took on training the parents this season too. Excited about her new adventure and continued success. Very happy to have her motivating us during this quarantine too!



West Point University Hockey

Working with Erin for 5 years now I've been able to not only develop my physical attributes, but also my mental toughness. She always pushes me beyond my limits to bring out the best athlete in me that I can possibly be while keeping a smile on my face throughout the entire workout. I am extremely grateful to have her and Aaron be a part of my development to become the best hockey player I can be.



United States Marine

Erin's team attitude, work ethic, and willingness to help others is bar none,



Mother of Hockey Player, SAM HESS

Owner, Erin Bratcher has years of experience as a professional athlete as well as a personal coach and trainer. Erin brings her amazing skills to motivate and strengthen athletes while being alert to the psychological needs of each individual and sport. She is adept at getting the most out of each athlete. My hockey player trained on and off with her for years. It's accurate to sum it up in his words "The intensity and dedication she brings pushes you to be the best at all times."



Adult 1:1 Client since 2019

Erin is the first and only trainer I will work with! I came to her 2 years ago looking for help in gaining strength and confidence in the weight room. Erin never laughed at my insecurities and doubts that I could gain muscle and learn the skills needed to begin weight lifting. She helped me along the way and has become not only a trainer but a great friend in the process. On days when I cannot make it to a training season with her, I can walk in confidence towards the weights and do my workout! Erin is truly special in how she can connect with people of all backgrounds and of various ages. She takes time to work with each individual and gives everyone her undivided attention. She pays attention to the details and it pays off.


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