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Group Training

  • Athletic Performance Enhancement

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  • These sessions will be held at Brentwood Park

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Interested in Team Training?

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All clients are asked to sign a waiver prior to training with EB Athletics. You can find a link to the waiver here, athletes under 18 are asked to have a parent or guardian sign for them.  We also suggest clients fill out a health history form providing emergency contact information for EB Athletics. The forms can be electronically signed and emailed to


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Note from EBA Owner, Erin Bratcher
     Personally, I never wanted to get into remote training due to the fear of lowering the level of quality of the training provided. We hold ourselves to a high standard as far as our training and programming, which has consistently resulted in client success. We wouldn't be providing remote training if we didn't believe 100% we could still do everything that we are so well equipped to do in-house, virtually. With consistent client communication and monitoring, we believe this platform allows us to do what we do best, no matter where our clients are.

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     Assessing and training clients in person will always be the preferred method of coaching here at EBA, but we realize sometimes that simply isn't possible or sustainable long term. We don't want training to be all or nothing for our clients that live far away, travel a lot, or have hectic schedules; and we feel this TeamBuildr platform is the solution to this problem.

     The video above explains a lot of the intricacies of the platform and how we are able to teach, adjust, and customize from afar. This will include a full assessment and injury screening process. For the athletes in town, we will suggest having them in for in-person assessments and baseline testing. For clients that are unable to be in town, ever, we have built this out in a totally unique way to be done completely virtually. There are assessment, and baseline testing programs prepared by our staff to help us pinpoint any muscular imbalances, and movement compensations, and note general work capacity levels. This is on top of medical history forms to make sure all past injuries are noted and any potential future issues are avoided in the designed training program. The step-by-step instruction keeps clients on top of injury prevention protocols and CEx which are the variables that keep our clients healthy and improving upon risk factors.

     Consistency is often the “make or break” factor in training. Overtraining, undertraining, and falling off together will vastly affect the adaptations sought after in a training program. The accountability aspect of EBA Remote Programming provides the stability needed for increased longevity of athletic performance. 

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