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Remote Programming Now Avaliable

EBA is now offering custom remote programming for teams and individuals. 

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EBA has Expanded!

EBA has absorbed what was formally known as GI Gym and is  now offering adult classes, see the booking page for more information. All EBA services will remain the same.


We provide professionally designed training programs for individuals and teams of all ages and skill levels. No matter your experience, we will meet you where you are and build a program designed to help you reach your goals. Check out the offerings and find one that fits for you.



After a complementary movement assessment we will put together a detailed specific training program that allows you to train on your own time. A thorough walk through of the program will insure you have complete confidence in working through the program without supervision. This allows flexibility in training times yet maintains guidance towards your goals. Check ins and progressions will be made as necessary.


One on One or small group training for clients of all ages. Beginners learning basic movement patterns all the way up to elite athletes, one on one time allows for more specific training to meet your goals. Through the use of corrective exercise training we can improve postural imbalances and fine tune mechanics to progress you to the next level.


Teams, groups, organizations of all kinds can train together with programs designed towards their collective goals yet specific for each individuals needs. Whether you are a part of a sports team looking for speed and agility work with strength training, or a part of an office looking to increase activity level among staff, we have an option for everyone. Training can be set up various ways so reach out about your group and we will find a format that best fits you!

Adult Strength and Conditioning Classes

Classes are geared towards adults wanting to get stronger and stay active. Program is adjusted as needed for each person but completed in a group training environment with likeminded adults.

Contact us for pricing & schedule your FREE initial consultation

EBA Internship Program

Interns with the EBA internship program get opportunities to gain on job experience while learning the scientific backing of our coaching methods. Interns will learn about programming, speed & agility training, coaching cues & learning styles, and develop tools for decision making and personal growth. Coach Justin Dottavio has developed our very own one of a kind internship curriculum allowing our interns to get an in-depth and well rounded experience in this S&C field. Open to high school and college students.

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