Resources to keep you at the top of your game


Dr. Clint Sellers is our Chiropractic partner with Peak Performance. Clint is one of the best in the business and has a deep understanding of the anatomical needs of the body making him a phenomenal resource for recovery needs for both prehabilitation and rehabilitation of EBA clients.


Mental Health plays a major role in both athletic performance and overall health and effects a large number of athletes.  For more information and resources regarding mental health click here.


EBA partners with the Surgeons and Physical Therapists at Wake Ortho for injury screens and movement assessments. These screens help determine muscle imbalances and injury risk factors so that we can develop injury prevention programs for all athletes. We also aid in the implementation of return to play protocol for Wake Ortho patients.


EBA is the training partner of the United States Marine Corps Raleigh based Marines. We train them and their recruits prior to shipping out.

EBA provides the sports performance training for the athletes of Edge Soccer Brier Creek.

EBA runs the off ice portion of the Carolina Hurricanes Girls program camps and clinics.

EBA is the sole Strength & Conditioning provider for all varsity athletes of Meredith College.

A Look Inside the Helmets of Youth Athletes

EBA Athlete Nick Wilcox conducts an interview with EBA Owner Erin Bratcher about the importance of considering the mental pressures our athletes endure. Nick used this for a project at App State University where he currently plays hockey.

Community Service Opportunities

At EBA we believe that giving back to the community we live in is critical. Taking part in different initiatives that prioritize the needs of others teaches our athletes the importance of selflessness and shows them ways they can make an impact on the lives of those in their community. EBA participates in many different charitable causes throughout the year such as donation drives for food, shoes, sports equipment etc. to volunteer opportunities with local organizations. Email us with any community service opportunities you would like EBA to participate in this year. 

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We realize that we are living through unprecedented circumstances right now and our training has had to adapt. EBA is providing free resources for our members to stay on top of their game, from home, as we believe staying healthy and active at this time is critical as we all work to get through this together.